Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cubbies sign Jason Heyward!!!!

I think pretty much all work production stopped on 12/11/15 when midday the news broke on Twitter and then the internets that Jason Heyward had signed with the Cubs!

It was fun to see how all my coworkers reacted to the news from "duh!" to shock and disbelief!

No official statement from the Cubs organization yet but there is this:

Note that Heyward's last tweet was WAY back on 10/1 so it's not like he's an avid Tweeter but he's obviously excited about this news!!!!

Here are a few other Cubbie reactions:

Rizzo was the first accidentally stealing the Blackhawks hashtag.

Hammel is ready for the Cubbies to go all the World Series!

Bryant posted his excitement (in between Stouffer's ads!)
Always the team player Addison Russell already is giving up his #22 for J. Hey!  

So yeah the fellow Cubbies are just a little bit excited, but does that mean I'm ready to go ahead and order this?

Not yet!  

But I'm definitely excited about 2016!  I have high hopes that Jason Heyward will be a huge contributor to the Cubs along with Rizzo, Bryant, etc.  

I'm most nervous to see how his addition shakes up the outfield.  I really am not ready to get rid of Jorge Soler yet!  

But I do think that he plays all April and October games looking like this is a bit ridiculous.  So maybe the rumors to send him to Atlanta or Tampa Bay might be better for his career?  Maybe he can't really reach his full potential in Chicago?

If Soler stays then an outfield of Schwarber/Heyward/Soler with Coghlan on the bench is pretty freakin' awesome!  I'm a big Cogs fan and I hope he fuels his frustration with being the 4th outfielder into some pretty solid hitting stats!

Things are starting to feel legitimate here on the Northside of Chicago with the additions of Lackey, Zobrist and Heyward.  It's very exciting!!!  Only 110 days until opening day!!!!!

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